The 2nd Moon – CD-1999
1. The Wanderers
2. Departure
3. The Shortening of the Way
4. Heretics
5. Old Father Eternity
6. God Emperor
7. Honoured and hated
8. Renewal
9. The 2nd Moon
Music and lyrics by Andreas Hilbert and Golem,
except „The 2nd Moon“ created and performed by Carsten Mai
Leads written and executed by Carsten Mai,
except 1st lead on „Honoured and hated“ by Andreas Hilbert
All arrangements by Golem
Spoken words on „The Shortening of the Way“ by Andreas Greupner
Michael Marschalk          -   drums
Carsten Mai                    -   lead guitar
Rainer Humeniuk            -   bass
Andreas Hilbert              -   lead guitar and vocals
Recorded at Blue Art Studio, May 1998
Mixed at Sound Forge Studio, August 1998
Produced by Golem
Engineered by Andreas Hilbert
Mastered at Power Play Mastering by Ebehard Köhler
Frontcover motive by Gabriele Berndt
Artwork and layout by Lynch 253 Designs and Golem
Executive producer: Christoph Dobberstein
This album is dedicated to the memory of Tabitha, Jens, Max and Stefan.

This clear time of seeing embers -
A gold bright sun’s lost in first dusk.
What frenzied senses, desp’rate musk
Are consort of rememb’ring.
The Wanderers►back
In the nightfire of mankind’s dawn
A despised people revealed its fate
Honour and wisdom by their side
The sword of knowledge at their hands
Enslaved by the empire
With the stain of renegades
They broke the old restrictions
Longing for their journey’s end
Remnants of the once esteemed
But their flame almost deceased
Betrayed and now suffering this poisoned land
They dream of the foreseen freedom of man
Death regorged
Power forged
Imprisoned by environmental cold
Their eyes open to a whole new world
Life adored
Senses explored
Escape this place, vacuum ploughing
Beyond light’s speed, contacts cutting
Across the universe their search will lead
Through the scars of space they sow the seed
Where naked gardens wait and nothing there to spoil
They make their new home ...in the dust of dry soil
Unlocking the gates of time, widening its bounds
Guarded by the maker ...facing desert ground
True rulers of travel
For new tribes to settle
Now they walk the sands by night
In the safety of the stars
To fulfil their destiny
And turn the page of history

Salt smoke from a beach fire
And shadows under the pines
Solid, clean...fixed
Seagulls perched at the tip of land
The needle at the neck
The high-handed enemy
White upon green
And wind comes through the pines
To sway the shadows
The seagulls spread their wings
The power of the voice
A test of humanity
Death so swift, like the axe’s fall
Avoid the animal instincts
Repeat the old litany
Only the pure is to remain
Oh young boy, awake
Let this ordeal pass
Heading for new horizons
Taste the new experience
Doubts and questions, for time to reply
The myths of birth, denied by control
Possibilities, discussions
The obvious, the destiny
Oh young boy, awake
Let this ordeal pass
Heading for new horizons
Taste the new experience
And hear the wind
Blowing across the beach
See that the fire
Has scorched the seaweed

The Shortening of the Way►back
A war of houses shook the world
Enmity, inexorable, like the desert’s heart
A hunted people, snared by destiny
Waiting for their saviour, the eagle above
Devilish treachery, the father failed
Mother and son, from certain death saved
The desert’s power, a mighty ally
In sietch communities, their new home built
With the voice from the outer world
He is an island of justice
The spice of spices, changing consciousness
Prophecies and legends, the sleeper awakes
The reverend mother, the water of life
Riding Shai-hulud, the crysknife at hand
With the forthcoming of the unknown
He becomes the base
Bridging time and space by the inner powers
Strengthen the body, perfecting the mind
The illuminating poison, the deadly challenge
Where so many tried, only he survived
Concepts of progress, blindness and prescience, silence...
The eyes of ibad, sihaya to come
Bring the jihad, kanly fulfilled
Out of oblivion, a new order brought
A delivering battle, for mankind to bloom
May he cleanse the world
As a pillar of the universe
He is the giver of water
His reign, a gate into future

A crusade against computers, many centuries ago
In the dark nuclear age, for human mind to rule
Space travel reformed, navigation monopolised
Addicted to the unique spice, for the male to dominate
Thinking machines, exchanged for drugs
The great revolt, for human mind to rule
A school established, new abilities developed
Mental training, for the female to prevail
The Butlerian Jihad, the servants’ revenge
Chaos and revolution, on the ride to new planes
The god of machine-logic, overthrown among the masses
A new concept raised, man may not be replaced
The new cradle of mankind, the subtle narcotics
A new order of guiding, the universe to explore
The honoured sisterhood, the mysterious guild
Band the sorceresses, examine the void
Rumours and secrets, act behind the scenes
The black arm of superstition, limitations removed
Breeding programmes, prescience sought
Awareness produced, religions sown
Higher order dimensions, the horizon veiled
A lack of interference, the final march to come
The Butlerian Jihad, the servants’ revenge
Chaos and revolution, on the ride to new planes
The god of machine-logic, overthrown among the masses
A new concept raised, man may not be replaced

Old Father Eternity►back
Aeons before man reached space
He has ploughed the sand
On a water-starved world
He is the waste land’s god
Oh mighty Shai-hulud
Grandfather of the desert
Where no water hurts
He has mastered the dunes
Producing the unique spice
He is the last great secret
Oh mighty Shai-hulud
Provider of travel
His cresting head, His high curving back
Like the approach of a mountain
He is the ultimate challenge
His law is always blind
His appearance, imposing and great
Mysterious and powerful
Of unknown age and ancestry
His origin veiled by the timeless dust
The defence of His territory
A mortal threat for the untrained
Riding Him, a ritual test
Among the fremen people
War and battle mean nothing to Him
Historical changes, He remains the one
Earth-deity and feared beast
The eternal flame inside
Oh mighty Shai-hulud
Keeper of balance
Bless the Maker and His water
Bless the coming and going of Him
May His passage cleanse the world
May He keep the world for His people
Oh mighty Shai-hulud
Old father eternity, ...unique in universe

God Emperor►back
Three and a half millenniums went by
On the world once called Dune
Engineering improved, the land fertilised,
The face of the planet has changed
The folk, once so proud, reduced to exhibits
The base of their glory disappeared
One last relic, from water protected
The desert Sareer, home of the son
Monarch and patriarch, to gather mankind
Controller of religion, defender of truth
For awareness to mature, willing to pay the price
He brings salvation, absolutely dominating
Saving humanity from fatal blindness
Three thousand years of peace to secure their survival
Since his father’s death he’s carried the burden
The symbiosis with Shai-hulud changed his flesh
The mahdi hesitated, he made the final step
A step beyond humanity, the alam al-mithal
No wormsigns anymore, he keeps the bud of life
Rigid his law, lead them through the dark
Knowing his weakness, the prescient inner eye
Waiting for the coming, unseen generations
God emperor, the Diaspora to come

Honoured and hated►back
From the unknown regions they arrived
To command and conquer imperial life
...the Honoured Mothers
Equipped and trained with new drugs
They seek to rule over their ancient foes
... ruthless and harsh
Letos bequest, the revived dune
Shai-huluds home, destroyed in battle
Thousands of worms, blasted into the void
Only one of them, salvaged from death
The old sisterhood, in grim defence
Hard pressed, but still fighting back
...their lives at stake
Their only hope, Chapter House
Yet undiscovered, but now in peril
...darkness falls
A light at the horizon, the childlike bashar
The cycle will turn, with the makers help
Visions shifting, changing motivations
To break their fury, transforming their minds

Recreated, thousands of times
Reanimated, the eternal mind
Leto’s key, engraved in flesh
Aeons of loyalty, he served well
Desecrated, the deserts deity
Fortified, their ancient fears
Born on dune, with secret powers equipped
An innocent girl, controlling Shai-Hulud
Trained and taught they incite hopes
To resist the stiffness of mankind
From beyond the galaxy, subtle observation
On the search for their true selves
They got insight, misunderstood and feared
From beyond the galaxy, unseen control
For the long banished race, they are the new contact
To the old empire, unconsciously but sensing
Under strict concealment, they make plans
To leave their prison, heading for the stars
Knowing looks, sympathetic smiles
Awaiting unrest, borders denied
Duncan and Sheeana, leaving known space
Quitting engagements, for the final rebirth
To the people whose labours go beyond ideas into
the realm of ‘real materials’-to the dry land ecologists,
wherever they may be, in whatever time they work, this effort
at prediction is dedicated in humility and admiration.