Carsten Mai - Portrait

carsten mai   *05.01.1976

occupation : guitars since 1997
weird soli construction, stress relativator, encourageing to try the unusual
►progeria ►stalinorgel ►private clubxxx
instrument : ►ibanez jpm 100p3►ibanez rg7 620
home: behringer v-amp2, boss gx-700 fx processor
live: marshall valvestate halfstack, ernie ball volume pedal
contact : +
music : influences: dream theater, liquid tension, cynic(focus), arch enemy(stigmata), carcass(herzwerk, nekrotizismus), atheist (unquestionable presence)...
current: andromeda "chimera", explorers club "age of impact", die saufzehe & die gestreckte mische  "ein feines hörspiel"
besides : books: adams hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, the deeper meaning of liff, helge schneider, bastard assistant from hell by f.schiel...
food&drink: tabasco and other hot stuff, minced meat, franziskaner, asian, mexican & other exotic food
movies: abbuzze, mp&the holy grail, simpsons
work : doesn't matter (by the way-he's studying construction engineering in cottbus;-)