a golem miniature


A [gō'ləm], in medieval folklore, is an animated being made from clay or stone. It is derived from Hebrew mythology and is said to contain a scroll with magic or religious words that keep it animated. This included writing the word Emet (truth in the Hebrew language) on its forehead (or on a clay tablet under its tongue), and then by erasing the first letter to make it Met (death in Hebrew) it was destroyed. The most famous legend centers around Rabbi Lw, of 16th-century Prague. After molding the golem and endowing it with life, Rabbi Lw was forced to destroy the clay creature after it ran amok.

The inspiration for choosing Golem as our band's name primarily came from Protector's LP-release by the same name in 1988. The word itself held some unmistakable power due to its shortness, strong and universal sound. Studying some background we found that name quite suitable for a group of teenaged metal maniacs. Over the years this turned out a rather fortunate selection. We'd better not think of some embarrassing alternatives. Anyway, you shouldn't suspect any deeper linkage.

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A common miss-association

Gollum is additionally the name of a deformed, wretched creature in J. R. R. Tolkien's fictional Middle-earth; the name however is derived not from Golem, but rather from the throaty sound the character makes.